I. Group values

  • Continuous improvement in the products and services quality.
  • Diversification of activities, products and markets.
  • Consistent and soound growth of the Group companies.

  • Research and development to enhance products and processes.
  • Creation of new activities and new companies.
  • Expanding internationally to high value-added markets.

  • Launching and marketing new products.
  • Exploring the development key strengths.
  • Promoting projects that enhance regions and their heritage.

  • Protecting the natural environment and defending ecology.
  • Social support for employees and communities.
  • Rooting the culture of excellence and quality.


For Horchani Group the future is closely linked to its environment : all the regions where its factories are located, all the cities which accommodate its companies and Tunisia where the Group activities are carried out.

The Group works continuously to preserve and promote this environment which is seen as being the true wealth and the only way to ensure its future and that of the generations that will carry on its work.

Horchani Group, being also aware of the major challenges of our time, has invested in the sustainable natural resources while continuously improving the quality of life of men and women who are and will ultimately embody its values of its ambition.